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Monday, December 31, 2012

Cooking-In the New Year

To ring out the old year -- which I will, for the most part, be happy to see go -- I've been making recipes from the cookbooks I received for Christmas: The Tuscan Sun Cookbook by Francis Mayes, and Ten Dollar Dinners by Melissa d'Arabian. Today it was "Onion Soup in the Arezzo Style," from TSC.  This "soup" sounded so decadent-yet-easy that I had to try it.  The book says that it's even better the second day, so I halved the recipe and made a helping for both today's lunch and tomorrow's.  I'd have to eat it all myself because my 12-year-old wants nothing to do with onions and in this case there's no way to disguise them.  Poor me...

The Arezzo onion soup layers slices of bread, cheese and onions cooked in stock for a thick, rich dish that's perfect for a winter day.  As a...worshiper of Mayes and "Under the Tuscan Sun," I'm not going to risk infringing on her copyright by giving the recipe here, but I will show you what I did.

I started with 3 thinly sliced onions.  I broke out the mandoline slicer, and while not necessary, it sure was quick.

I let the onions cook in butter for about ten minutes, then added 2 cups of stock and let them cook, covered, for another ten.  I used homemade turkey stock because I had LOTS in my freezer, but chicken or vegetable stock would work fine, too.

Meanwhile, I greased two deep ramekins, and put a slice of bread in each.  The recipe calls for the soup to be assembled in one large baking dish, but I wanted to try this for portion control.

Then, I layered soup, a slice of cheese, more bread, more soup, and parmesan. The recipe calls for an Italian cheese, of course, but I used muenster because it's what I could get in a small town on short notice.

Finally, into a 350 oven.  Thirty minutes later...

The soup was puffy, bubbling and delicious! Mi piace!


  1. Amy, That looks fabulous! I assume the soup is a beef base? Great post!

  2. Duh! I just saw that you said it was chicken or veggie stock and that you used turkey! I am sure it would be good with beef stock also.